Plans and Pace

You were sick, but now you’re well again, and there’s work to be done.



I’ve always thought I had a proper handle on perspective.

I’ve always been a runner, and when you get up high and look down at your existence from the top of Mauka, or a new city you’ve jumped on a bus to, or into a dive bar with a catastrophically bad open mic night, things become clearer. Or so I was sure.


It turns out I’m absolutely lousy at it. I have trouble seeing my relationships and self-concept clearly.

I’ve just never stayed still long enough to notice.


Steady, quiet rest has incredible power to unearth truth, turns out.

When it became clear that things were going to move incredibly slowly in Hawaii, I fought. I ranted. I spent too much time on the phone trying to push everything through.

Once I stopped resisting, and found meaning and worth even when life was moving at a glacial pace, every aspect of my existence bloomed. My relationships became richer, my work more fulfilling, and my spirit more curious.

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Learning how to live a life that is incredibly meaningful, even when it doesn’t look like what it should, is the most important, beautiful lesson I’ve ever learned.

So now I’m off on this adventure, but with this newfound capacity for peace and joy in uncertainty.


Thanks the most for being part of it, friends.


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